Created a Subreddit

I just created a subreddit a little bit ago called r/succubi to discuss succubi. I had thought about creating a forum for a while but decided to create a subreddit for now as it was easier. So, go there if you’re interested in a community to discuss these things. I literally just created it, so there’s no one there but me for right now, though. So, it will probably take a bit to get any activity. I would appreciate it if you check it out. Last I knew there wasn’t really any forums or communities specifically for this and that was rather annoying when I wanted to look for advice or hear what other people thought. So, I’m hoping this could fulfill that role.

Been a While

So, I’m still alive. We’re still together. Really, not much has changed.    I noticed a lot of the other blogs in the community have been abandoned or deleted, makes me sad to see the people that got me into this gone. I didn’t want that to happen with me, so here I am. I haven’t slept in a while and I’m barely conscious right now so, that’s all I’m going to write for now but I’ll be around.

6 Months

Yeah, sorry again about not posting but I haven’t had enough to write about.

Anyway, today is the six month anniversary since I have been with X. Which is difficult for me to believe. Me and my life have changed so much since I have been with X. It is difficult for me to imagine my life without her now. Her touch has continued to become more realistic and human and I continue to feel closer with her. I feel as certain about this relationship as I did in the beginning  and  know that my relationship with X is one of the best things to happen in my life. It’s still difficult to believe that this my life at times.

I think I have finally found at what the other spirit at my house is. I felt like it was trying harder recently to get my attention but I couldn’t figure out what it was. (My dog had been barking much more frequently at it.) I decided to finally tell it that I would be okay with it to communicate with me if it wanted to. Last night in dream it talked to me. She told me her name and a few other things. Sadly, I forgot most of it but I do remember part of the name but cant remember the whole thing. I believe it is a succubus as well. (I asked X.) I’ll refer to her from now on as Y. I am not sure why she is here or what she wants as I do not believe she is here for me at least not in the same way. I have multiple theories of why she is here but I could be completely wrong. I thought that maybe she knew X or maybe she is in a relationship with someone I know.

I still have the suspicion that my friend might be with one or at least has one that is staying with him. (I am not sure that he would willingly enter a relationship.)  We talked about succubi  last time we met and surprisingly he was the one that brought them up. Although I think he doubts what he sees.  I told him that there is a spirit that stays around my house and that it is friendly but didn’t specify. I might tell him about it soon.

I saw a shadow that seemed to move around my room very clearly out of the corner of my eye a couple weeks ago. I assumed it was X but I have not seen it since and I am unsure. Maybe there was just a stronger connection that night.

Learning About My Succubus

Well I have been talking to X for a while now but her touch responsiveness hasn’t been noticeable and quick enough to really use to communicate. Well I have begun talking to her like this more frequently recently and I have finally able to learn a little about X.  Which made me pretty excited because she has been very mysterious to me and I have had no idea what her personality was like or who she was besides her name and small interactions that only left me uncertain.

I asked her about various things that  I have been wondering a while such as about her personality, and opinions on various things. I have gotten a pretty good idea of her personality or at least type now. I found out that she is shy (which I like) and that she wants a monogamous relationship with me. (Which is what I expected when I wanted a succubus anyway.) The conversation was longer than that but I shortened it some. (I make sure to check with her before typing anything about her.) She has also shown some emotion to me which makes me feel like we are more personal.

I have had a couple of dreams regarding X but I don’t know if she was actually in any of them. I believe she might have been in one but it was similar to how we interact when I am awake. (She told me that she was nervous to reveal herself to me in the beginning so maybe she is nervous to do so. )

I have been having a bit of a problem with this secret recently. Everybody seems to keep asking about me getting a girlfriend lately, which is always uncomfortable. I know this will only get worse as time goes. I have no idea when I plan to do it.  I think they are noticing my lack of interest, but what can I do.

What I Have Learned and Progress Update

Sorry for not posting when I said I would, I planned on writing more frequently but I had nothing to write.

I have learned something that has sped the relationship up recently. It was two days ago and I was searching for something about succubus relationships on the internet because it had been a while since any progress had been made.  I came upon a site ( which has a succubus and incubus section in the forum. I read through it and had the realization that I wasn’t doing anything myself to advance the relationship. I was putting it all on X.

I never thought about it for some reason even though this is rather obvious.  So I have started taking steps to make us be able to advance the relationship. I have begun meditating every day. (I haven’t in a while.) I am focusing on balancing my chakras and after that opening my third eye more.  I also have began practicing my psychic abilities which I stopped a while ago when I was busy. I decided to practice more basic things first this time with psi balls. Which while I have done them before I know that I could improve. In addition, I have been practicing telekinesis to add variety.

Last night, I felt X doing something to my back. It was painful at first but after about ten seconds it just became uncomfortable. I am not sure what she did but it makes me excited because it has been so long since she done that kind of thing. It was my mid-upper back and might have been my spine as it felt more towards the center. Her touch feels much stronger too after starting this. I believe she has been wanting me to do this for a while since when I asked her about it before I got such a quick reaction in her touch.

I hope that with this I will be posting more frequently again.

I’m Back

So I have been really busy recently but it is all finally over and I will have much more time and will be able to post frequently again.

First of all there has been some progress with X but I didn’t put much time into the relationship over the last month because I was so focused on what I was doing so the progress is small. One change would  be that X will touch me even if I am moving. Usually it would only be when I was sitting or laying down.  Her touch has also gotten stronger.  Something possibly related to X is that I keep thinking that I hear a woman saying something with my name in it.

There has been a few events recently related to the paranormal besides X. One of my dogs passed away due to cancer and I have had a few dreams about him. I am unsure if they were really him but it is possible. My other dog continues to bark at something. I used to think it was X and I am actually certain it was as I used it to communicate with her. At some point it became something else though. I don’t know what it is now. I know this because when I am with X he still barks at something at the other side of the house.

I think I may have accidentally performed telepathy last week. I was in the car with somebody and focused on her and thought something without really thinking and she suddenly looked over at me right after.  I think she didn’t realize it was me though because she didn’t say anything. Possibly just coincidence but it seems unlikely as the timing was exactly after I thought it.

Not much has happened recently but that should change as I am spending more time with X again.

More Progress

When I go to sleep I call X to me and usually talk to her for 10-15 minutes. Last night when I called her touch felt wasn’t that much different but after a while of talking to her I felt sudden movement across my side. It was so realistic that it made me jump at first. It felt like she was really there. I think my shirt may have actually moved or at least it felt like it. She did it once again. I asked her this time to do it and she immediately responded. It makes me so happy to see us becoming closer.

Another thing is that I keep having visions more often recently. I have always had them since I was about 9 or 10. I have always thought that it was me remembering dreams I had of the future but I have noticed every time they are always different in someway. I don’t understand it. For example I was looking at something and I got a vision of me doing it and I remembered seeing something specific on TV. I watched for it but it never happened. Why is that these visions are always inaccurate. I can distinguish between them and normal thoughts as they feel different. They always partially occur but never entirely.